About Conference

About Conference

Developed countries have paved the way for progress and development by applying knowledge and technology. What is missing in the meantime is the existence of management in coordinating matters and achieving scientific achievements in the form of business plans and ultimately the production of wealth.

Looking at the movement of developed countries in the world, we realize the importance of management, economics and accounting. Countries that have increased their financial resources using up-to-date management methods and, as a natural result, have achieved strong economies and technology. In fact, management, economics, and accounting are intertwined like links in a chain, and deficiencies in one of these areas will lead to deficiencies in the other.

These sciences, by combining knowledge of mathematics, management and economics, try to improve the situation of production systems and organizations. For this reason, the exchange of interdisciplinary knowledge between specialists in economics, management and accounting is of particular importance. One way to achieve this goal is to attend specialized conferences and congresses.

The approach of the Scientific and Executive Secretariat in holding this conference, attracting the participation of all scientific and professional centers, interacting with relevant national and international associations and inviting prominent experts with the aim of scientific interaction on the one hand and increasing scientific self-confidence in the country, focus on Issues and challenges of the day.

Due to the importance of this issue and with the aim of examining local and international methods in the field of economics and explaining management and economic strategies, the third international conference of new ideas in management, economics and banking will be held on July 20, 2022.